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Poetry Patterns

Poetry has acted as a window into deeper understanding of language for me. I have dyslexia, which radically changes the way I interpret information, specifically lingual information (written and spoken). But from a young age, poetry and the workings of poetics was a way I could read easily. The patterned setup of Iambic Pentameter, endContinue reading “Poetry Patterns”

Poetry Practice

Poetry is an artform which is dear to me. Long ago, I wrote many poems. For reasons I do not yet fully understand, I stopped writing poetry just before I graduated with an Associates degree in 2014. Yet now, as I continue my education seven years later, I have found once again that poetry isContinue reading “Poetry Practice”

The Story of Onsen Island

There is an island on the far eastern edge of Tandavar, nearest the Korudo Sea. It is known as Onsen Island, and it is one many imperial colonies of Udai throughout the Tandavaran Archipelago. The island has a long and storied history in the empire, dating back into the Fall Era. Long ago, the colonyContinue reading “The Story of Onsen Island”

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