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Get Your Copy of UNITY

It’s happening! My book is coming out on October 31, 2020. While 2020 hasn’t been the best of years, what with all the calamity going on, it has given me the time I needed to complete a number of projects. In March, I released a book called the Book of Lore. And now, I’m releasingContinue reading “Get Your Copy of UNITY”

Onsie: Rent Past Due

With this short, a new angle using an above shot was tried. I found it an interesting and different approach. We’ve all had those roommates or friends whose honesty might not have been up to snuff. When this comes to financial situations, it can be pretty upsetting; when you’re watching it happen to someone elseContinue reading “Onsie: Rent Past Due”

Onsie: I Got a Package

With this series, my goal was to create something that was quick and entertaining. One of the best ways I could concieve to do that at the time was drawing on my own experiences that had happened to me; especially ones that were humorous ones. While I was living with my first roommates in college,Continue reading “Onsie: I Got a Package”

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