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The Bushido of Udai

The empire of Udai has seen many battles. While there have been several rebellions within the empire, there have been no instances of what would be called a civil war. Most of Udai’s conflicts have been with foreign nations, almost always on the defensive. Udai is a land rich with natural resources, and others haveContinue reading “The Bushido of Udai”

The Magician’s Crusade

In the last years of the Fall Era, a powerful magician rose up among the peasantry of Silg. This magician went on to nearly conquer the entire known world, until he was stopped by the great hero Alkanet, who came from the islands of Tandavar. This conflict is known as the Magician’s Crusade, and isContinue reading “The Magician’s Crusade”

The History of Filenfoe

Once, long ago, Filenfoe was home to the first hastu civilization. Under the guidance of their goddess Tset, the hastu built many cities, fortresses, and great structures; they were carved into the mountains, and from the mountains. Places like the canyon city of Gawir, the monolithic accomplishment of Ziggurat, and Kolong, the city beneath aContinue reading “The History of Filenfoe”

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