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The Erasure of Women

Earlier, I saw a Twitter post in response to The New York Times attributing the creation of Science Fiction as a genre to the author H.G. Wells. Not to diminish his success in the genre, but that attribution is utterly false, as most would agree, since the preeminent Science Fiction origin novel is Frankenstein, byContinue reading “The Erasure of Women”

True Words

I have been meaning to tell you that there ain’t no meaning. Meaning “no,” ain’t there? That you tell to meaning, “been, have I.” I have been. Meaning: To tell you that there ain’t “no.” Meaning, Meaning, no ain’t there, you tell. To meaning been, have I. I have. Been meaning, too. tell you, thatContinue reading “True Words”

40 Winks

The sudden jolt of atmospheric entry jarred Adam to consciousness. He’d experienced it a number of times in his life as a xenominer, but from what he could tell no one ever got used to it.  That life was long gone though. Adam looked at his hands; once the hands of an honest miner, nowContinue reading “40 Winks”

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