>Yippee!!! 20 pages!


I got 20 pages done this weekend—most of it today! Now that’s an accomplishment…and I did it 10 minutes at a time.

Decided to try the “egg timer” method of writing.

I set the egg timer for 10 minutes, and I write as fast as I can for the entire 10 minutes… no time to go back and re-read, second-guess…no editing whatsoever. I thought I could write about 500 words in 10 minutes—today I averaged 470 over 11 trials. So I got 20 pages done!!!! Yea!!! I take like 5 minute breaks in between, just for the heck of it really. Could just as easily take like 2 minute breaks. It’s not like I was rereading anything or editing. Did give me time to go smoke every now and then, though. Or put on a kid’s doll’s clothes or answer the phone or get a soda whenever needed.

Anyway, it’s a trick of the mind to keep me from editing and second-guessing before I even write anything. And it was fun…10 minutes is a lot easier to bite off than 2 hours…and it turns out I was here at the computer off an on from 1 until almost 4. That would have been torture before…mostly because no one in this house can get 3 hours of completely uninterrupted time. It’s impossible.

But 10 minutes at a time…that was easy.


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