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Yep, this is really working! I’m telling you, that egg timer has helped me like nothing else. After thirty minutes of writing with it like a demon–I was averaging over 50 words a minute–
I tried to write a little without it …and the funniest thing happened. I’d write like 2 sentences and want to see how many words I now had, and I’d second-guess my word choices or ideas started floating through my brain that made me stop and think…and very little got written
…and that happened over and over. All I could focus on was taking another break and seeing how far I’d gotten. When the egg timer is going, I know I have to write as much as I possibly can until it “dings” and I can stop.
Between having a page goal for every day that is *very* challenging yet achievable, having the multiple 10-minute writing sessions, and the accountability of reporting back to my CP… I’m making real progress!
…writing is fun again, FINALLY!

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