>On the Nano track

>As of yesterday, I have 8,356 words done for Nano. Should get to 10,000 today to be on track. I actually broke the rules slightly and decided to continue a story I’ve been working on instead of starting a new one.

BUT, I didn’t count any of the words I’d already written on the story…just the ones written from November 1st onward, so it’s mostly legit. They recommend you don’t continue an existing story because you won’t feel the freedom to write crap, which you need to feel to write that much in one month.

Well, I have no problem with writing crap. In fact, I do it often.

By the time it’s done, I’ll have some 86,000 words or so on this story I’m calling Hawke’s Abandon. My critique partner came up with the title! It’s good.

I still don’t know how my critique partner keeps so many stories going at one time…she is amazing. She’ll have anywhere between 4 and 5 projects going simultaneously, and who knows, maybe even more. I don’t know how she does it…and I’m continually astounded when I read her drafts…I mean, the first draft stuff she writes is fantastic…my first draft stuff stinks up a room.

Anyway, on to write more for today. Sure would be nice if I knew where this story was headed…but as we say in nano, “No plot, no problem.”


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