>A Standard Conversation

>A Standard Conversation Among Writers

writing = stress I think. It’s so hard to cut those words it took so long to write…
but you know it’s easier to cut than add.

Basic Fears:
I’m just scared of what this will lead to–of being rejected, or not being good enough, I’m scared that I’ll be a joke, and that they’ll just say what are u thinking? That I just won’t measure up–maybe I’m just dreaming here.
I’m afraid my photograph will be on a book cover…and people will see that I AM OLD!”
I’m afraid my family will think I am some kind of weirdo they don’t want to talk to AND don’t want their little innocent children to talk to.
I’m afraid I’ll never have the guts to really put myself out there…really give it my all…because if I do and I don’t make it…well, then what else is there? Where are my dreams?

The Speech You Run In Your Head:
To create something great…to really do it… you’ve got to ignore it all…ignore every thought that comes into your head that tells you anything other than YOU CAN DO IT.
You owe it to yourself…who wants to die thinking “Man, I always wanted to be a writer but I was such a chicken I couldn’t make my inner editor shut up long enough for me to do it.

Movie Wisdom
(from Sleepless in Seattle) The doctor asked him what he was going to do now that his wife, the love of his life was dead? He said, “I’m going to get out of bed…breathe in and out all day long.” When it’s all said and done, turn off the voices in your head and just keep doing that.

The first hurdle is the one in your mind—Remember! “There is no spoon.” (from the Matrix)

The Final Word
Know what courage is?
Courage isn’t a lack of fear…it’s acting in the face of fear…


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  1. >Very true! Awesome post. I have to remember that last part “acting in the face of fear” That’s been my problem in the past.Nisa

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