>A schedule


I truly have had great luck with:
  1. goal setting
  2. follow-up emails to my CP to report in and get encouragement
  3. setting aside a small, but steady amount of time every day for writing
I get home, help get my kid’s homework done and her in the bathtub, eat somewhere in there, then write when everyone is settled and doing their thing about 9-ish.
I’ll write for 30 minutes, and I time myself with my little egg timer. If after the 30 minutes, I feel pretty good about things, I do another 30 minute timer thing. If stuff is going to crap after 30 minutes, I give it up for a while (planning to return later that night…sometimes I return, sometimes I don’t…but at least I got some 1500 words written, which is about what I can get done in 30 minutes–approx 6 pages.)
Sometimes things are going very well, and I get 1-1/2 hours in, which is like 18 pages! Those are the good days. It’s like: get it written, and worry about getting it right later.
Some days nothing gets done, and I hate those days, but that’s life. And it’s going to happen, so better for me to just roll with it, and pick up the next new day and try again. Nothing I can do about the days that didn’t work out…so I’m training myself not to think about them…they are gone now…no getting them back, so no worries. All I can control is today.

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