>Reading some other blogs today

>I went to the blogger.com spot and saw the scrolling blogs, and clicked on a few of them.

I’m telling you, there are people out there just writing away about their lives. It’s so cool. (This is, of course, my substitution to actually getting out and meeting people…I read their blogs…but that’s another day’s subject.)

I’m still writing like a fiend. I finished Hawke’s and entered a contest Harlequin was holding for their Intrigue line of books…if I get on the list of “winners” I get to “chat” with the editor on-line and pitch my book. If she likes the pitch, I get to send the manuscript in January as “requested material.” This is as close as I’ve ever gotten (as far as I know) to having an actual editor read my work. Could be good…will have to see. The date they decide is the 6th or so in January. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Have started a new book with about as much to go on as I did with Hawkes…it’s all an adventure wondering what will happen next as I use the old eggtimer and just type type type away…


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