>2006 Goals


All of this “writing as a career” is a learning process…that’s what I think. You try something, see how it’s working for you, keep the good, ditch the bad, and keep on writing… There are a ton of people out there still in the “talking about writing” stage…I’m in the trenches now, gutting it out with the serious writers. That’s progress!
On the subject of keeping the good, and tossing the bad:
My blog. Not helping anyone at all…except me. I love it. It keeps me on track and it’s a history of the journey. So it stays.
Print On Demand books. I like the quickness of it, the control I have over the content and the fact that it’s a printed book. I had good sales on my two books, and it made me happy. But I am ready to move onto traditional print pubs now by muscling my way in the old fashioned way! Through hard work. I’m keeping POD back burner for other books I have in mind for the future (a children’s book for my child, maybe…or even another family history book), but it’s not front burner anymore. It has served its purpose for me…it got me writing and got me printed copies of that writing. Also racked up a few fans along the way…and some nice reviews.
Confession Mags. Have been thinking about these lately. The turnaround time is abysmally slow, and the pay is pretty bad, too, but some stories in my mind just don’t lend themselves to “novel-length” and I’ve had 2 stories published by them before, so I know what it takes. That’s part of my 2006 goals.
Print Pubs. This is the new frontier for me and where I’m headed in 2006. I’m going to submit Hawkes if they ask for it to Harlequin, and if they don’t, I may submit it to other print pubs and see what happens. If by November I’m getting nowhere fast, I might try epub.
Manuscript Writing. 2006 is going to be my year for writing 5 novels. Jan-Feb will be Tessa’s Treasure. Then each of the next 2 month units are going to be other books–all romance novels. One month to write it, one month to edit it. Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct. Then November is National Novel Writing Month, and I might just take December off…we’ll see how I feel and how I’ve done on my goals by then!!!

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