>Want to Win? Lose a Little!


From an article by Rob Spiegel

A study of sport fishing with live bait versus lures found that the real differentiator in fishing was not the type of bait or lure used, but rather the amount of time the line was actually in the water. Those who fussed with their equipment – with the line out of the water – caught fewer fish than those who actually kept their lines in the water.

I have a lot of writer friends. Some have succeeded, some have not. Those who succeed have three things in common:

  1. they finish what they set out to write
  2. they send it out to publishers
  3. they’re willing to take countless rejections along the way

Those writers who have not succeeded tend to have far fewer actual rejections than those who succeed – they tend to shy away from rejection.

In his infinite wisdom, Tom Waits said, “Fishing for a good time starts with throwing in the line.”

The most common barrier between people and their dreams is fear of failure. If you want to accomplish a big dream, you will fail. Yep, and it will probably be both painful and embarrassing. You may let friends and loved ones down in your failures. If they’re worth anything, they’re cheer as you get back up and give it another shot.


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