>Character Stuff

>Okay, got the character stuff worked out. Now trying to figure out what scenes I still need to make the whole thing hang together with the new summary of the plot. Here’s what I’ve got so far on the plot:

Hawkes Brandon, a clairvoyant, has gone into hiding to draw out and expose his nemesis and ex-boss, Jack Cushman, for the dangerous expatriate that he is.

Hawkes expects to utilize his mother’s gift of precognition along with his own clairvoyance to foil Cushman’s terrorist plans; instead, his mother dispatches his ex-lover, Jesse to the scene.

Hawkes, in love with Jesse, fears she will hate him when she discovers how he tricked her into thinking she has the gift of clairvoyance, too, in order to accomplish his mission.

Hawkes and Jesse go to the Pentagon and Jesse believes they are breaking into the computer database when Hawkes is simply setting up the two of them as bait to bring Cushman to justice.

Jesse must choose between the man she now loves to hate and stopping Jack Cushman from bombing the Smithsonian.


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