>Moving right along on Tessa…

>Well, my critique partner and I decided this weekend our goal was to get 100 pages written on our respective manuscripts…

Yes, it was a crazy goal, and no, I haven’t made it yet. But I’m giving it my best shot. It’s only 9:13 p.m. right now, so I have high hopes for another 10 pages before bed anyway…

So far I’ve written 27 today. That’s a new record for me I think. And I had to crank out the voice recognition software, too, because my carpul tunnel just can’t take that kind of abuse. I don’t really know if it’s especially wise to sit on your booty long enough to write almost 7000 words in one day. Ah well, too bad. Did it anyway.

Had to come on line to check on flights to Egypt from Houston (for my novel) anyway, so thought I’d update the blog. Luuuuv the blog.

Oh, this picture is of Ramses II from www.anticoegitto.net (off the subject, that website is not in English, so I don’t know what it says…but it has got great graphics).

I’m using Ramses II in my Tessa book, and I love this depiction of him…I have to say that some I’ve seen did NOT make him out to be very handsome. This one, though…well, he looks good! And in a romance novel, it usually helps if the characters are good looking…sad, but true. I’m pretty sure (although I could find no reference in English to verify it) that the woman depicted beside him is his fav wife, Nefertari. (He had around 8 wives, but everyone has their favorites).

P.S. Update: noon Sunday, I’m at 50 pages done…and still working!
Update: 9 pm, Sunday, final tally was 54 pages! Not 100, but not bad!


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