>Hawkes Update

>Well, last night after looking over the entire summary of the plot and after examining all the holes (and doing the final edit on chapter 2), I finally got a list of fixes created–concrete to use in filling the holes!

I’m very excited because now it’s coming together as a story for Intrigue! I had my doubts before. (Okay truth: I hated it–I told my Critique Partner I was going to drown myself in the toilet after reading it). I had originally geared it more toward EC – more more move love scenes – but I’ve been reading A LOT of Intrigues lately (have always loved them but now reading them in a whole new way) and have revamped it.

(*What this means is I cut the love scenes that were 30 pages long down to 5 pages, and I’m cutting the quantity of love scenes down from 7 to 2, not to mention cleaning up the language significantly.)

So, what does this mean for the story overall? Now, it’s good–I don’t know about great, but it’s definitely good. In the original draft, I had some serious doubts as to whether I should just slit my wrists or not…now, not so much.


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