>Tessa Update

>Haven’t gotten a chance to work on Tessa in a while…been too busy trying to get Hawkes ready and polished in case the editor likes my pitch and asks to see it. Keeping every finger crossed (and toes). This weekend will be the big push to have it all ready to roll. Now it’s just a question of whether or not the alternates will get to pitch…I’m nervous that they won’t, and if that happens, I’ve decided that while I’ll be disappointed, I will still send that book to somebody, even if it’s not Intrigue. The story is good. It will find a publisher somewhere. If I keep showing up, they’ve got to let me in sooner or later, if nothing else just to shut me up.

Just found this photo of Sam and me when we were goofing off on a snow day last year. She’s most of the reason I want to make this writing thing happen…right now it’s taking me away from her, but I have hope that if I could write full-time, I would actually have more time to spend with her. Not to mention teaching her that you can pursue the dream you have in your heart, and even though it’s hard, if you want it badly enough and truly love doing it, it’s worth all the effort whether you make it or not.


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