>Harlequin Pitch Update

>Oh, first off, I think this is what Hawkes looks like…I never could picture him until I saw this guy in a movie the other night, Pride and Prejudice. His name is Orlando Seale and he has got this amazing voice…just wonderful to listen to. And when he spoke his lines in that movie his eyes do this wild glitter thing…he is the Hawkes character…and perfect eyes for a clairvoyant.

If I could only picture Jesse (whose name has to be changed to something else, by the way…but I’ll get to that in a minute).

Now, onto other matters! The pitch is over! I got online about 12:15, and I was the last one to pitch at about 2:30.

At a quarter to three, we were all saying goodbye to each other and of the seven people, five winners and two alternates, they requested manuscripts from six.

The only reason they didn’t ask to see the manuscript for the seventh person was because she either got booted out of the room or she signed off–no one was quite sure what happened. I hope she got reconnected sometime after I left…that would be too big of a shame to have computer problems and not even get the chance.

Here’s the funny part: I gave what was probably the worst pitch of a book in the history of all pitches–and I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. The editor, Allison Lyons, was asking me questions about the story, and every answer I gave was this crazy explanation. By the end of it, even I didn’t understand what the story was about. The one thing I did understand was she wants one of the character’s names changed…because they both sound like guy names… Well, I’m in love with Hawkes’ name, so “Jesse’s” gotta go.

I said “I swear to you, Allison, it is really not this convoluted.” And she said, “I hope not! I would like you to send it to me so I can read it for myself. Maybe then I can get a better feel for the story.” (or something like that…she was very nice!)

I told her, “I truly appreciate that, because we both know you’re not asking to see it based on this fabulous pitch!” And she laughed.

So, for better or for worse…it’s not the pitch that counts, but the manuscript!!! And the next step is ready to be taken; after this week’s final edits, I’ll be sending it to Harlequin.

It’s a good day–a crazy day, but a good one.


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  1. >That is Great!!! I am sure you will do fine in the edits, especially after I see it. lol

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