>Hawkes Update

> New image of heroine I have in my head…she was blonde to begin with…but not anymore. This lovely woman is an actress whose name escapes me at the moment, but she was great in that movie with Johnny Depp about the Pirates.

Finished writing the ending today, well chapter 12 anyway. Gotta write the Epilogue still, but have that staked out, so it’s all good. Now, back to chapter 7. (Writing out of order is kind of weird, but I knew the ending had to change from what it was, so tackled that first. Much better now–lots more action and adventure.)

Chapter 7 – 11: I had all these scenes written that I don’t like anymore, and am basically rewriting them while trying to keep some of it. Why I’m trying to keep some of it and not just trashing it and starting over, I’m not sure. Guess I feel like I shouldn’t trash it, but who cares but me? I have no idea. I do know this: if I went with it the way it is, it would get thrown back at me like a hot rock. And if I just rewrote new stuff, I could do it twice as quickly. Ah, well, I’m not in a hurry anyway, so it doesn’t matter about the time. Whoever said “writing is rewriting” wasn’t flipping kidding.

When I submitted the loglines to the contest, the ms was 87k or so…well, I had to cut out 5 love scenes (Intrigue isn’t big on love scenes…and I’d written it for another line, so had to make adjustments–I kept 2.) There went some words… Then, I cut all the stuff that had to do with 9-11 and Al Kaeda because it was just too controversial for a romance novel, and that lost me a bunch more words. Finally, I cut out a bunch of stuff that just didn’t feed into the new ending I had written…

So, from 87 down to (as of this moment in time) 56k words. I need 65,000 to fit the line, preferably 70k. The good news is that isn’t much more to write, only about 36-56 pages. The bad news is that I’m still using up time trying to retrofit the stuff I had already written instead of just writing new stuff. Again, not sure why I’m doing that. I can tell you that the writing is so much easier than the “fitting square peg into round hole” work I’m doing now.

Still, I’m not in a hurry. I am going to finish the final version of it this week and get it in the mail to Harlequin on Friday.

Got a buddy reading it right now (Hi Jeanine!) and she says it’s the best I’ve written to date. That’s good news. I do like the story a lot; I’ve been able to explore some themes I’ve always wanted to address somehow but never had the opportunity in other stories. So, that part has been fun.

The writing by seat-of-pants method leaves a lot to be desired in the re-write stage. But I will say this…I got some cool ideas from the first draft that I might never have thought of if I’d outlined first. So who knows? I wish it would come out right the first time, but alas, it appears not to be.

This may just serve as my note to myself to quit doing that, suck it up, throw out the other stuff that is causing me trouble, and write it over. I dunno…I’ll give it one more day of retrofitting, and then see.


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