>New Ending


Finished chapter 7 last night .
I’m officially 10k words short now…I’ve got 55k and I need at least 65k. I’ve got like one or two more scenes to write to finish the book (and that will make up the missing words…not worried about the word count), but it begs the question…where are chapters 9,10,11???? LOL
Think I’ll have to do some redistributing on the chapter breaks when I get the words added…
The good news is that I’ve got another idea for the ending that I like better…and hadn’t written that final resolution part yet–chapter seven ends with the cliffhanger…and I’ve decided to stretch it out some more…one more catastrophe for poor Hawkes and Caitlyn (or whatever her name ends up being!) before the ending!!!
I finally cut the last of what I’m cutting last night! LOL The rest is just adding now.
It still shocks me that I cut over 38000 words out of that thing…that’s like 144 pages GONE. Of course, they didn’t fit, so they had to be gone…ces’ la vie!

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