> That’s one more down…and I’ve got 4500-some words done on chapter 9, too. Progress is happening. The best news of all is that I’ve got the new ending completely figured out now and it is much much better.

I’m very happy now… The end is in sight, and I can get back on Tessa’s Treasure.

I’ve been thinking about posting some part of some of the love scenes I cut…I don’t know though. They are a little too racy probably. Maybe I’ll set it up where you have to sign up for the email list to get to it. (And have a warning that it’s 18 and over only.) I’ll have to think about it. First off, I haven’t been able to figure out how to add a mailing list sign-up yet…

Anybody else so busy they kind of missed the fact that it’s time for the Olympics?? That’s not good, is it?


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