>70% Done now on Tessa

Passed the 70% done mark today…and need to write some more. They are in the middle of a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean and are waiting for me to figure out a way out for them…

Wish I had a plan! I’m thinking it will come to me here any day now… LOL

Good News: my hero is gorgeous…



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2 responses to “>70% Done now on Tessa

  1. >YAY Hugh Jackman! Hubba hubba Wooo hoo!Oh, and how does one know when one is X% done with a book?I suppose it involves planning and having an outline and stuff? Ah, so there is (one of the) the ( many) reason(s) why I don’t have a book written.Good for you!

  2. Deb

    >When you need 65k and you’ve only got 45.5k, you got 30% to go! It’s a simple matter of math! LOLNow, if the writing would just add up like that!

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