>Got the ending figured out!

>Yeaaa! After much angst and carpul tunnel pain, I’m back in the writing saddle for Tessa.

Buddy J helped me last night with some plot chat, and I think the story is now going to be GREAT. Also, CP gave me a couple of good ideas to explore! (Of course, I haven’t written it yet–that’s when things get ugly!) At least now, though, there is something happening that ties it all together.

The catastrophe started as I was writing along quite happily, then with 70 pages to go, all I had was the basic trip to Egypt (after the plane was shot down and they “ditched it on a raft), they land, hand over the necklace to the authorities, and go visit the pyramids. LAME-O. I hate when that happens.

It was another one of my endings that just sort of stops–I hate that. Why is the first draft always soooo bad???

Last night we delved into the characters some more and came up with some really good stuff. It’s the lack of depth of character that holds me up… I’ve got to do some more detailed profiling of these people before I begin next time, or I’ll end up right back at the same lame ending again. The problem, of course, is I don’t really know them until I’m done with the first draft. It’s the most wicked Catch-22 of all time.


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