>Took the weekend off!

>I didn’t write any this weekend and instead spent the whole time doing all those domestic things a wife is supposed to do (which I have been ignoring for months and months)! Like: washing clothes, buying groceries, cleaning house…UGH!!! I need domestic help!!! I need a wife of my OWN to handle all that crap. Man, I hate housework…what a complete and utter waste of life. We only get so many hours on this earth, and every one I spend cleaning is one I’ll never get back. Trouble is, I hate a dirty house, so there you go… (The only blessing is that hubby is a gift from God and #1 never complains about anything and #2 doesn’t mind grocery shopping.)

Enough griping on my part. IThe house is clean and people that live there have clothes to wear for a while. So good. And we have food to eat again. What’s funny is that I was going to make a grocery list and realized it was easier to write down WHAT I DIDN’T NEED than what I did need. My list was this:

Don’t need:
cans of soup

That’s the list…I pretty much needed everything else. (Frightening isn’t it?)

You don’t EVEN want to know what the total grocery bill was or how many trips from the car to the kitchen I had to make to get it all inside. UGH UGH UGH!!!

I’m soooo tempted to hire a cleaning lady, but I know myself…they wouldn’t do it to suit me and I’d follow them around telling them what to do and they’d run out of the house screaming if they took a look at the basement! Oye vey. To be short of time and an obsessive-compulsive to boot is not good.


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