>She’s gotta be nicer…


It occurred to me yesterday that Tessa is a royal pain in the booty…and there’s no reason why she should be. She’s had some hard knocks, but she has come out of them and there’s no reason she can’t manage to keep her optimism and positive attitude. I’vd run into more royal b*tches lately, and I’ve been asking myself, “Why do they have to be like that??” And the answer is, They Don’t!!!

So, I’ve still got about 50 pages to go, but in the second draft, I’m going to turn her into someone I would like to be friends with.

I suspect I read too many Harlequins years ago where the heroines were always so grouchy and bossy…there’s no reason mine has to be that way. She can have goals to accomplish without depriving others of their own while she pursues them…that’s what I’m going for.


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