>Latest and greatest update

>Have been working on the Dvorak Keyboard thingy…but it’s slow going. Guess I’ve got to have some patience.

I did get the software upgrade for my Voice Activated software which seems to make it work faster. At the moment my office downstairs is such a mess I don’t even want to go down there. This weekend the kid and hubby are going fishing so I may get stuff back in order. That’s the plan anyway!

Also, Harlequin is starting a new line called Nocturne that I’ve decided to submit Hawkes to. Planning to polish up the synopsis and make sure first three chapters are ready…then off in the mail on Monday.

Tessa is still underway–about 15 pages to go. I’ll be glad when the first draft is done…it’s taken forever to get that last 20 pages done. And I’m going to try that 1-pass editing thing, too, on this ms. See how that goes…


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