>Goal Check! (and adjust!)

>I was just looking to see what my goals were as of the beginning of the year…because I know I set some pretty lofty ones. Here’s the clincher:

Manuscript Writing. 2006 is going to be my year for writing 5 novels. Jan-Feb will be Tessa’s Treasure. Then each of the next 2 month units are going to be other books–all romance novels. One month to write it, one month to edit it. Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct. Then November is National Novel Writing Month, and I might just take December off…we’ll see how I feel and how I’ve done on my goals by then!!!

Well, needless to say I did finish the final draft of Hawkes in Jan/Feb, and got the first draft of Tessa done Feb/Mar…but that still puts me quite a bit behind for the goals I set for 2006. I’m supposed to be starting a new book in May, but I don’t know if I’ll be ready or not…and that’s really cheating. I wrote about 1/2 of Hawkes in 2005. (*Actually, I wrote it all in 2005, but cut 1/2 of it in 2006 and rewrote it.) But even if I go by that goal listing (which is a little lame, but I’m bending the rules a little here to accommodate my slowness!), I still have to start a new book in May. Which gives me about 14 days to finish Tessa. Hmmm…well, I guess it’s still possible.

Better go get moving on it, then!!! LOL


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  1. >Anything is possible and you technically have started on your next project. You have ideas and characters now all you need are words to describe your ideas and your characters.

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