>Daily goals

Nisa and I had a discussion today on having daily goals … one thing to get done each day toward the weekly goal. And be accountable for that daily goal. I think that is a great idea. All I can control is today’s work anyway…so each day, from now on, I’m going to have a goal. And today’s is to get 10 more pages of Tessa rewritten…

In order to fulfill your destiny, you have to know your purpose. You need a plan and then you must work that plan. You should wake up each day knowing where you’re headed, which direction you’re taking, and what you are going to accomplish–and then stick with it! Don’t allow the distractions and busyness of life get you off course. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing moving me towards my God-given destiny? Am I staying focused? Is this my purpose in life, or am I just wasting my time being busy.”


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