>Rejection from EC Submission: Hawkes Abandon


From: Heather Osborn
To: Debra Moore
Subject: EC Submission: Hawkes Abandon
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:18:18 -0400

Dear Debra Moore,

Thank you for your interest in placing your manuscript, Hawkes Abandon, with Ellora’s Cave. After careful consideration, we have decided that this story is not right for us. Although well-written, Hawkes Abandon came across as a category style romance, which is not something we
publish. Additionally, certain aspects of the story were not sufficiently explained and left many plot holes in the book.

Ellora’s Cave wishes you the best of luck placing your manuscript elsewhere.

Heather Osborn
Senior Editor, Ellora’s Cave Publishing

I’m trying to focus on the “well written” part of it… And not so much on the “plot holes” part!!! LOL It makes me wonder how they could decide it had plot holes when they only saw the first three chapters…those must have been pretty bad holes that couldn’t be fixed in the remaining 150 pages of the book…


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