>New hard drive purchase…

The hard drive on my laptop crapped out…thank God I did have the manuscript backed up onto my thumb drive…that would have really stunk if I’d lost it all… There are 2 kinds of people…those who back-up, and those who wish they did. This time, I’m one of the happy ones. Of course, I had some warning…it was acting crazy before it died. That turned on the red light in my head to back it all up. Gift from the heavens!

I ordered the new hard drive today, so it should arrive in the mail in a few days. Then, I’ll be back to reinstalling all the software, operating system, virus protection…and on and on… Here’s a tip: don’t buy a computer on ebay. Break down and get yourself a new one from a real store with a real warranty. Ebay did not save me any money in this case; lesson hard-learned.

So far, my bargain $300 laptop has now cost me more than $600 (plus my own pain and suffering), and frankly, it’s still not fixed, so it could end up costing even more before it’s all said and done. If I can’t change out the hard drive on my own, I’ll have to hire the geeks (who charge $80 an hour) to do it for me.

It also needs a new battery…oye. At the moment, I’m suffering through with the plug, but one of these days I’ll have to break down and buy a good battery. Seriously, go to the store and get a real one that already works. All this geek stuff could drive a writer crazy.

Onto the good news…going to The DaVinci Code tonight!!! Yippeee! That book was a page-turner!


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