>Time for my own rant

>yesterday, I decided to break down and buy my own laptop. I’m still going to go ahead and get my daughter’s fixed so she can play video games and educational games on it, but I’m not going to do any more of my writing on it. I Bought a Gateway laptop of my own for that purpose. So, I am installing DragonDictate on my new laptop, and I go to activate it and it tells me that I have already installed it on my limits of machines.

Now, when the hard drive crashed on the old one, that was the end of that installation–and there is no recovering it. That hard drive is now a paperweight. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to communicate this fact to the company that makes the software. I am fully legal, and yet I cannot use the software except for the five free times they let you before you activate it.

I’m going to try to call them on Monday (they are only open Monday through Friday) to get this fixed. What a pain in the behind.

But the good news is this: the new laptop is killer. So, I’m trying to look at the bright side. Hopefully Monday, I can get this straightened out.


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Filed under Life Interferes with Art, Shock and Dismay

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