>Take It All Update

>Still hard at work on the first draft of the novel. I have been finding it difficult to see the entire story at one time, because as I write so many things have to come together simultaneously to make the story hang together correctly. So I am trying to simply concentrate on one scene at a time. I have no idea if this is how other writers work or not. Even with a detailed outline, which is turning out to be a moving target because I keep getting other ideas, it is hard to keep the entire story in my head all the time. I’ve never written a book this large, which could be part of the problem. You have to keep up with a lot of threads.

Still, I’m having a good time with the story. I’m almost 40,000 words into it now and have been using my egg timer to force myself to focus on just one scene at a time–writing in 15 minute increments, 5 minute break, then 15 more minutes until I have 4 pages or more.

I think it was Anne Lamott (not sure of that spelling) who said something about writing what could fit in a small picture frame, and writing one frame at a time you could write an entire book. I think there is a lot of wisdom in that.


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