>Latest update

>Still working on Take as time permits. Been very busy lately with life though…walked in Relay for Life this past weekend, so got no writing done. And this week, I’m going on vacation to my sister’s house in Nashville, TN, for a week of goofing off. She’s had a rough year, so we’re just going to take it easy, eat too much, sleep late, go to the Fair, swim…the usual stuff you do when you’re taking a break from all the responsibilities of life. I will take my laptop, though, and try to get in my word count while I’m there. If I get too far from the story, I forget again what I’m doing…

Lately, I have been reading like a maniac though. Just finished another Sandra Brown book–loved it! And now I’ve got 2 more from the library, one on CD and the other in print. The one on CD is from 1997, so it’s more of the traditional type of romance novel…not so much my kind of stuff but I haven’t given up on it yet… The more recent stuff I just finished included Chill Factor (great!) and my very favorite, Envy, which was positively awesome. Now THAT’S what I want to write like. (Doesn’t everybody! ha!)

So, that’s about the latest update. The end of August if fast approaching, though, and I’d hoped to have the first draft of Take done by then…I’d better get a move on. I’m like 55k short of the goal at this point. That’s a long way to go in 16 days.


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