>Productive Day Yesterday!

>What a great writing day yesterday was for me! I wrote 11,250 words…and I’m still floating. Because some of it was even good. LOL It’s very true that the worst day at writing is still better than the best day at work…but yesterday was the best of it all. A productive day.

I try not to think about the fact that I still have 100 pages to write and only about 25 pages of the story left…when I think about that, I lose the shine on the chrome. So, I don’t think about it. Ah, denial, thy name is Deb.

Talked to a buddy of mine yesterday and told her I was going to write 10k on Saturday. Which, of course, was insane. She said, “How long would it take you to write that?” I said, “Well, I average about 3000 words or so per hour, so a little over 3 hours of actual writing time. But when you take into account time reserved strictly for angst related to story fears, insecurity as a writer fears, and just plain old failing fears, well, probably 5 hours.”

I started at seven in the morning, and last night (after quite a few interruptions during that time, but still, mostly focused), I finally finished just after 10:30 at night. Slightly more than the planned 5 hours, wasn’t it? That’s what I call, Life interfering with Art.


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