>Have printed out Take; setting it to the side for Tessa

>Yesterday, I printed out a hardcopy of Take for the editing to begin. I’m going to try that one-pass editing that Holly Lisle talks about on her website…great website, by the way. www.hollylisle.com Lots of tidbits there for the aspiring writer. I had actually started doing the one-pass editing with Tessa a while back, then got interested in Take and it dropped off the radar for a while.

I don’t like the idea of starting a lot of things and never finishing any of them, though. It seems like when the writing or editing gets hard, the temptation to put it to the side and start fresh is overwhelming–especially when you’ve set a crazy timetable for yourself and are trying to follow it. But, strangely, now I’ve had some time away from Tessa, I’m excited about getting back to it and getting it finished.

So, for now, I’ve set the Take manuscript to the side to “let it simmer” for a while. I’m a little too close to it right now to begin the editing. I decided to let it sit for two weeks, then I’ll begin the second draft editing.

I picked up Tessa and decided that for the next 14 days I’m going to work on 20 pages a day of editing for that to see if I can get it into shape to send it out. The first 20 pages went well last night–made some good changes, and have to say that I was not terribly unhappy with the writing. Some of it was even good–ha! I’ve certainly written worse in my time! It would help if I had a publisher in mind for the story, but at the moment, I really don’t. Story first, publisher issues second on this story, I guess. Unlike Take, Tessa is more of a traditional romance novel, so I guess the romance publishers will be first on the list.

I was supposed to start something new this month–Sep/Oct was supposed to be my timeframe for the fifth manuscript of the year–per my original plan at the beginning of this year. I thought about picking up Mobbed again and seeing where that story was and trying to get it finished–doesn’t really count as a new story, anyway, but I thought about it. I began that over a year ago and pushed it to the side when the Nano came along, and I haven’t picked it up since.

Still, I want to finish up Tessa and then do the edits on Take first. So I guess I won’t do anything new in Sep/Oct after all. I still think that getting Hawkes, Take and Tessa finished and submitted in one year is a major accomplishment–so that’s my new goal. It certainly reflects more productivity than I’ve ever had before. You know what they say, “Shoot for the stars, you might hit the barn. Aim for the barn, you might hit yourself in the foot.”

One step I could take is to FIND Mobbed on my old computer. I never moved it over to my laptop so last night when I was going to work on it, all I saw was Tessa staring me in the face. And I started reading it and decided that should be the direction for the next 14 days.


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