>Got waylaid…


Still on track with Tessa edits, but let myself get waylaid…okay, I CHOSE to get waylaid!

Went to the bookstore and got the third book in the Black Daggar Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward that I’d been waiting for–knew it was coming out in September.

Read 1/2 of it on Sunday! Man, great stuff! Her first book came out this year I think…it was the first book in this series. I actually read the second book first; just picked it up on a whim. Not a huge vapire fan, or at least I didn’t used to be! LOVE these books! Dark Lover is the first book, then Lover Eternal and the latest is Lover Awakened. (Fourth book coming out in March 2007, by the way, so you still have time to catch up.)

The titles unfortunatly don’t seem to stick in my head, but the books are FANTASTIC, and I’ve got the author’s name in my head now. For a while, kept getting it confused with Nora Roberts’ pseudonym J.D. Robb…

Anyway, totally let myself off the hook on editing yesterday because I’d gotten ahead enough to cover it, and read all day. Just love those vampires. And the writing is brilliant stuff. Ah, to write like that…


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  1. >oops…I was wrong. The first book came out last year. Still, you can get any/all of them now…and I’d say if you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment, treat yourself!Deb

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