>Abu Simbel Temple

Working on Tessa again, and last night I finished the second draft. I have a clearer picture now of the entire story than I’ve ever had before, and once again I have to admit that I seem to have to write the entire first draft (and even the second draft) to really know what the whole story is about–to see how it intertwines, overlaps, and ties together. Sigh…

Now that the second draft is finished, however, I’m ready to go back and add in some of the back story that will be needed to make the ending makes sense–the magic of rewriting. (Makes it look like I had all this figured out all along.)

I was doing some research online today to see pictures of the Abu Simbel Temple, since the story includes a pivotal scene at it’s entrance as well as historical references to Nefertari and Ramses II. I found this great photo on a web site which I can highly recommend visiting–the temple and the website, that is–have never been to the temple myself, but man, would I love to see it in person. Isn’t it just gorgeous? And HUGE! Those are all carved right out of the rock…incredible.


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