>Haven’t blogged lately…

>Been falling behind on the blog! Actually, I’ve been falling behind on the writing, too…have had massive shoulder pain for the past couple of weeks and had to give the old body a break–absolutely could not type without hurting, no matter how many Alleve I took! Am (thank God!) finally back to normal and back on track! Just in time, too…I hear Silhouette Intimate Moments (now Silhouette Romantic Suspense) is looking for books! Tessa is soon to be in their hands…gotta finish up the new ending and get it in the mail! Still shooting for the end of the month to have that done…

Been plotting the unnamed manuscript (as of late, I’m calling it Lottery) for Nano which begins in 7 days. It’s going to be a fun book to do. Also got a wireless keyboard for my laptop (gift from Dad for my birthday–29 again, for about the 14th time) which is going to help a lot on the CT and shoulder pain realms… I also have the voice-activated software, but honestly, I cannot believe how many times (when I’m talking to the computer and not typing) I say “although,” “actually,” and crap like that. For example, I took out 40-some “although’s” in Tessa!!! Yippers!!! Gotta watch that! What’s amazing is that I kept 2 of them… the rest were just so much “throat clearing.” LOL


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