>Chapter Three is Done!

>Okay, chapter three of Hard Truth is edited and onto chapter four! Three started off rough, but I fixed that and it ended well–plenty of suspense in there. Didn’t have to make many changes at all on the final two scenes. Chapter four begins with Alyssa leaving her father’s house to get to her salon…where bad guys are lying in wait. I love the bad guys in this book. Some are idiots, but some are just scary normal, i.e., they look normal, but are freaky scary. I’m up to about 86k now.

Getting up early in the morning to work on the books has really turned things around for me. I’m getting enough sleep for a change, and the story is much easier to work on when I’m fresh. As I suspected, though, the hardest part is quitting and getting ready for my day job…


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  1. >Good for you! One chapter at a time, that’s my motto…I followed you over from Susan Wiggs’ blog. Wow, after scrolling through your posts and taking a look at your website, I’m stunned at how fast you write, and a bit envious, too! Great to “meet” you in cyberspace. All the best in 2007 from a fellow author and friend of Susan’s.

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