>I’m at a Writer’s Retreat


I’m having the dream come true of any writer…I’m in a great hotel in Gainesville, Florida, writing my little heart out with no interruptions, no obligations, no nada…just writing! I’m in HEAVEN!

Hubby is on an Archery Tournament weekend in Florida, so I came along to write…kid is being well taken care of by the folks at home, and I’m lying on the hotel room’s king-sized bed with my laptop in my lap (and wireless remote access to the internet! awesome!) working on my novel! AWESOME!!!

Just got finished with chapter 5, and I’m very happy with how it’s coming along! I’m going to finish this baby this weekend!!! That’s my goal!!! I’m telling you, there is nothing like being able to write in quiet for extended periods of time. It’s fab!

I think I read somewhere that Truman Capote wrote in hotel rooms. I can see why…it’s quiet, clean, and there’s nothing to distract you. Just me and the laptop, which by the way should be a staple of any writer. There’s nothing like portability! Best $1000 I spent in my life (for myself that is).


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