>Got the Editorial Notes for Hawkes Abandon

>Got the editorial notes for Hawkes Abandon last Tuesday, and have been hard at work on them ever since.

Man, what a mess.

I always loved the story idea, and the ending is a shocker.

I remember writing the first draft of Hawkes…it was a story I did 2 years ago for Nano…I’d written 35k before Nano, wrote another 50k for Nano, then cut it back down to 40k or something. Then I added back to 65k somewhere along the way, and now I’m around 60k. That book has been all over the place in terms of junk in/junk out…it’s NO WONDER there’s a lot of confusing stuff going on in there.
I remembered (after I saw the editor’s notes), that I had planned to go in and take out/rearrange some stuff…obviously I never got around to that before submitting it. Not good. So I get to do it now…
That book is the perfect example of how hard it is to rewrite a book when you have NO IDEA what you were going to write about when you started and you had a hard time getting your arms around the story while you were doing it–so I kept experimenting with things, taking some out, adding some back…all over the place!
The good news…I finally know what the story is about. And there are a couple of smokin’ love scenes in there (for those who like to read that sort of thing–definitely rated R).

Meanwhile, Cobblestone saw the diamond chip covered in coal dust and acquired it. I have to say my editor, Melissa Darnell, has a wonderful eye for detail, and some terrific ideas on what I can do to make the story better. I’ve been amazed how much improvement I’ve seen so far, just in the first pass through it.

This might be interesting to know: so far, for the 60k I had to look at/rewrite/cut/add to, etc…I’ve done 51k of it, and it has taken me a grand total of 32 hours. That’s about 6 pages per hour. Actually, that’s not so bad…it felt more like 6 hours per page on some of it!

So, all is coming together. I’ve still got the dreaded chapter 6 to fix–it is a royal mess–and I have until Tuesday (my editor said she’d like the changes back in a week) to fix it. Everything else is fixed and ready to go.


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  1. >Yea! Did finish chapter 6 and emailed it off to the editor…who was chomping at the bit to get it! I got her email checking on me just as I’d sent it to her. These people are ON TOP OF IT!Now, to await the second round…

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