>Note from Chris Baty

>I sent Chris Baty, inventer and administrator of the amazing National Novel Writing Month a note and got a response… what a great guy. Be sure to look into www.nanowrimo.org come November!

Dear Chris Baty, Nano King:
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for creating/managing/continuing with Nanowrimo. What a wonderful idea, beautifully executed and fun to boot.

The novel I wrote during the 2005 Nano has been picked up by Cobblestone Press, an online epublisher. It should be out sometime this year. And at least some of the credit goes to you…I thank you!

Have a wonderful 2007…looking forward to November.

Debra Moore

His Response:

Hi Debra,

Your email totally makes my day. Thanks so much for passing along the great news! Congratulations! And here’s to you for putting in the rewrite hours into your manuscript. I know how much effort goes into transforming a NaNoWriMo first draft into something ready for publication. You’re a true inspiration.

When your book comes out, please drop me a line and let me know how it goes!

Warm regards,



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