>Harlequin having another Pitch Contest

>Waiting to see if I can submit to the new contest they are having at eharlequin. They are still deciding some of the rules on who can sub…”contracted but not published authors”–are they eligible? That’s the current question.

If they let me sub, I’m going to send in this (or something close to it):

Tessa’s Treasure

During the 19th Dynasty, Queen Jamila charges an Egyptian magi: Create a necklace with the greatest of powers–the power of love and death–as a gift for my true love, Pharaoh Ramses the Great, or be slain. Unable to do this, but unwilling to die, the magi outmaneuvers Jamila–the stone gives the gift of love to Ramses but consigns death to Jamila.

Thirty-three centuries later and on the other side of the world, Tessa Leigh and her neighbor, Hunter Ryan knock down a residential interior wall in Houston, Texas. Inside, they find a beautiful necklace and an overwhelming attraction neither had ever acknowledged. As they unravel the mystery of love cursed by a magi, they are caught up in the danger of three thousand year old curses with 21st century weapons backing them up.

I’ve got the ms finished, which is one of the requirements, but I still need to look over and do the final edits J’s mom is sending over. Is a book ever really done??


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