>4th Edits done, Cover finalized


Yep, the cover is done! Beautiful work by Sable Grey, www.sablegrey.com on Mr. Hawkes Brandon. He looks like a psychic, I think, which is good because that’s what he is.
Haven’t heard the release date, yet, but the final edits are in the hands of my editor, the wonderful Melissa Darnell, and it’s ready to roll.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m on the 3rd draft of Dangerous Truth, which is a cool if weird story. Surprising ending…didn’t know a writer could surprise themselves, did you? I do love the climax, though…very Hitchcock.
Oh, and I have no idea why I decided to write under a pseudonym. LOL But get it? Moira Reid, moore read, read Moore. Yeah, well, whatever. It seemed like a good idea at the time…
Oh, and the cover model’s name is Andrei Claude. His eyes are amazing and you just gotta love those lips. In the background…that’s the front end of a Humvee, in case you were wondering.

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