>Latest and greatest update on Brava contest Entry


I was up at 3:45 this morning, made coffee and tried to come up with a 3rd thread for my story!! And guess what?? I did! Yippeee!!!

It occurred to me that the girl who is dead at the beginning of the story was a painter…so her paintings told their own story of her view on life (and since she’s dead, her paintings are all that’s left to tell her story)…so her paintings are now turning up all over the place in scenes…and people are looking at them which is telling another story and tying her life into theirs… it’s working like a charm!! LOL It really does add another “dimension” to the thing…of course, I know nothing about painting so I had to look up some research on Impressionism and oil paint and techniques and creative influence junk!!!

Of course, NOW, I’m totally convinced it’ll never stay under 35k!! It’s over 28 now, and I’ve still got at least 2 more and probably 3 or 4 more scenes to write. Ah well. the worst part is that it’s probably won’t make it to 50, but it’s too long for Brava’s contest… SO it’s nowhere in terms of word count! LOL

But I’m going to finish it anyway and see what it turns out to be. The word count might end up surprising me. I still have hope… and I really like the story a lot. It’s coming together…


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