>How to get in the chair


How to get it done?
It really is easier too not to wait until the weekend and think I’m going to catch up in a couple of days. I’ll think, “Hey, I‘ve got all day Saturday and Sunday…I‘ll get tons done” but honestly, it never ends up being as good or as much as it would have been if I’d just done a little every day consistently.
I‘m averaging fewer than 2000 words a day right now…but over a week, that’s almost 14k. That’s a chunk and it’s more manageable because I‘m only writing a scene or two at a sitting…
These are all good reasons to do it everyday, but no writer needs me to tell them that. We just gotta figure out how to GET OVER that hump and get our booties in the chair… and once it’s there, to avoid the internet, the email, the diary (my downfall!) and just write. I can highly recommend the timer for focus. Anybody can focus 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes, that’s all. I write straight for 10 minutes and I can usually get 350-500 words in that time. 3 times, and I’m at 1500. 1500 a day, every day, hey, that adds up to over 550,000 words a year…that’s a draft of six 85,000 word books! Every little bit helps…

I have to get to my “writing space” too… not just the physical space, but the “mental” space. That comes with doing it over and over…it happens faster (the mental space) the more times I consistently do it. Getting up at 4 was hard at first, but now I almost wake up before the alarm goes off…

I’ve been therewhere nothing can get me in the chair. I’m in my swing now, but heaven knows it can get messed up and then it’s soooo hard to get back in it, but staying focused and steady gets it done.


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  1. Y

    >I agree. I’ve found that having a regular time to write every single day has helped increase my daily output amount. Like the more I write, the more I’m able to get done in one day, does that make sense?Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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