>Working on Dish

>Got 31 pages done yesterday… it was a good day for the Dish…stuff is happening! Stuff I hadn’t even foreseen which is always more fun.

Today begins the BIAW thingy at CS where we’re supposed to write 25k in 7 days, which translated means about 3600 words a day. Ouchee. Now, yesterday, I did 7,768, but it took me from 4 am until I fell into bed at 9:30. So, since I’m not going to have that kind of time during the week, I’m really not sure how I’m going to pull this off. LOL

I’m going to keep writing on Dish during this week even though the CS thingy was about writing a story for Harlequin’s new ebook line. It’s funny because Dish started out as a story for Brava’s contest…another ebook thing. This story has been 2 ebooks now, and probably I’ll end up sending it to a print publisher when it’s all said and done. There’s no way someone will want to read a 85k book on a screen. I just think that ebooks are more suited to the shorter stories, IMHO. I don’t know anybody who wants to sit at a computer and read a book that will take days on a computer. I can’t picture it.

Of course, Hawkes is 65k which will probably require a similar time reading on screen, unless people print out the story and read it on paper. That’s a lot of paper…

Regarding Dish: The more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed some more people in this story, more stories that intertwined. Much more “Vampire Brotherhood-y.” In the brotherhood books, J.R. Ward always has about 6 stories or more going at one time. Why I always kept to one story all the way through I don’t know, maybe because I’d never seen it done well before nor understood how to really pull it off. Not that I now know how to pull it off, but I’m giving it a shot anyway.

Envy has a few stories going at once, too. Maris’ and the writer’s (forget his name), her husband’s and her father’s, the professor who takes care of the writer, a few townspeople here and there thrown in. Dozens of characters really, but basically those 5 people’s stories are being told at once. That’s really what it takes to tell the kind of story I want to tell…more people! LOL

Right now I have Alex, Andi (thru the paintings), David, Meredith, Foxx and the dad, Joseph. The only real problem I have at the moment is who killed Andrea? I have it written as Meredith killed her, but I don’t think I can keep that if I want Foxx and her to have any kind of long-term happy ending. On the other hand, that could be one more thing that keeps them apart for good, even if Meredith comes around to realizing that she loves Foxx. I feel a little sorry for Foxx, then, because he’s going to end up alone…and he’s a cool character that just appeared yesterday out of nowhere.

Somehow I think the police should come back into the story, too. I did introduce a character early on that Alex went to see about details on the suicide/murder. Could bring him back in… have to think about that some more. Not quite sure what to do with that.

Meanwhile, I really like the story. Not sure where it’s going exactly, but I do like it. I’m glad I did the plotting on the front end so I could get off on the right foot, but the story is going off into some wild territory right now, and I’m just going along with it.


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