>I made it!

>I made the 50 page goal! Yippee! Actually, I did 52. Should have good luck next weekend too as people are going fishing around here and leaving me to my own devices. That’ll mean lots more time to write!

I was reading last night on J.R. Ward’s forum about some questions people asked her and her answers. Somebody asked her if she had a page/day goal or what, and she said she writes for a specific amount of time every day not for a page goal. I think I do a little of both. Normally, when I get up at 4 during the week, I am writing until I run out of time. On the weekends, like this last weekend, I wanted to get 50 pages done knowing I had all weekend to do it.

I knew that was a big goal and I’d have a lot of hours to devote to it, but I think if I had not planned for a number of pages, I would have used that time less productively. Maybe it’s better to have a combination of the two…pages and time.

I also read that she’s creating a new series and she’s going to write that one alongside the Black Dagger Brotherhood books; said it would keep her more interested in each of them if she switched back and forth. No hints though, on what she’s going to be working on, but it’s not vampires. Can’t wait to read it, whatever it is.


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