>Dish Being Served

>Dish is being served up daily around here. Got another 3200 words done this morning. I’m up to 52k now, and the story is really just kind of getting started. Hmm…how long is this thing going to end up I’m wondering. I’d hoped to have it finished by the weekend in the first draft. I had no idea it was going to go on for so long, but things started to get complicated for my poor heroine, and the stuff really hit the fan this morning. I don’t see her making her way out of this easily.

Oh, reading a new book, now, too, which is quite good. Played by Barbara Freethy. The only bad thing is I can’t stay awake long enough to read it. I sit down at night after getting the final touches on the story for the day, and I get too comfortable I think. Then, I start reading and keep nodding off. Going to have to start reading while sitting on nails or something. ha!


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