>Did a few edits today

>Did some editing today, no new writing. I am just fried after yesterday. Took a nap this morning and yesterday afternoon. Man, I’m lazy…

I’d originally planned to be working on the 2nd draft of Lottery in April–I’m thinking seriously about moving that to October, where I had nothing planned anyway except plotting for the Nano. I really also need to get Dangerous in the mail to somebody, though. It’s doing me no good hanging out on my computer. Yep, moving Lottery to October. There’s also that Brava contest entry I was attempting when I started Dish…hmm. The deadline for that is September. Not sure if I’m going to do that now or not…maybe.

I do think I’ll give Dangerous one more read through this week and see if it’s ready to print out, and I need to come up with a query letter for some agents. Was just looking through the rejection letters I got for Tessa from agents, and a few of them were very nice…might start with those people. Also planning to finish Dish 1st draft by 4/9 so I can start BIAM story–Moira’s writing that one.

So for April, it’s 25k more for Dish by 4/9, start BIAM (which is only 15k) and get Dangerous queries out there. Right now, think I’ll reread Dangerous today then try to come up with a cover letter/blurb for agents.


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