>Got the synopsis written

>Wrote the synopsis for Dangerous Truth this morning. Got the cover letter and proposal package ready for Jessica Faust of BookEnds who requested it after I sent her a query letter via email. She is D’s agent, and I guess she’s just wonderful. It would be a major success in the long journey of writing to land her as my agent. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, now that I’m getting the proposal in the mail today (or tomorrow–might let it sit one day and reread it one more time for stupid mistakes), I’m ready to get back to Dish. Took a couple of days to do the agent queries and the edits for another story I sold but have written anonymously, but I’m back on track now.

Interestingly, Miss Snark is a fan of BookEnds. She’s got them listed on her blog, one of my daily reads. I learned a lot from that wild contest she had a while back, the crap-o-meter, and I really think it helped me get in front of Jessica this time by explaining what works and what doesn’t in a query letter. Many kudos to Miss Snark for that! Her website, in case you’re looking for a little humor and a lot of info is http://misssnark.com/


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