>Finished the BIAM

>Well, finished the BIAM last night. I like that story which I ended up re-titling Seduction 101. It’s a little over the word count for Harlequin Spice Briefs though. Supposed to be 5-15k, and it’s 16,750. I think I might let it sit a day or two and see if I can’t go back and cut it down a little to squeeze into the guidelines. The story is right for them otherwise, so I really do want to send it to them. I’m just not sure how forgiving they are on running long…

Gotta get back on Dish now. I figure another 20-30 pages and I’ll be done with it. Unfortunately, I had another idea for a short story which I’m trying to ignore for the moment, but it keeps popping into my head. Something my sister said made me think of it. I guess I’ll jot down some notes and try not to write it yet… It’s tough to stay focused on the one story that is giving you fits (Dish) when other stories that seem easier keep popping up! LOL


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  1. >Yay for Deb! Congrats on getting the first draft done. :DI’m giving my story a little rest too. I like to leave the first draft all by itself for several days before even taking a peek at it again. I think tomorrow will be the day to get the second draft done. As for the word count, not sure how strict they are, but I reckon it’s probably best to keep it at 15k max. I hope you’re able to cut some. 🙂

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