>My Myers-Briggs Profile

>I’m an INTJ:

If Myers Briggs personality tests identify you as an INTJ, your source of energy is your inner world. You perceive things through your insights and intuitions. This leads you to immense possibilities and potentials. Your logical decisions and ordered life include you in the analytical personality types.

Myers Briggs personality tests consider you suitable for those careers where analytical approach with a lot of routine work is involved. Your foresight helps you planning realistic goals. You prefer to finish targets within the deadlines. You are a perfectionist but tend to over-value your own opinion.

Myers Briggs personality tests correlate you for those careers where complex organizational problems need intuitive solutions. You are keen for complexities and don’t take things superficially. You can offer or support abstract theories. You have capability to convert abstraction into a workable plan. A few of the considered careers include:

Scientists, Inventors, Engineers, Lawyers, Judges, Military Officers, Computer Programmers, Professors, Medicine Doctors, Dentists, Organizers, Economists, Environmental Planners, Function Planners, New Business Developers, Psychologists, Neurologists, Writers, News Editors, Financial Planners, Civil Engineers

Take the test! http://www.personality-and-aptitude-career-tests.com/myers-briggs-personality-tests.html



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2 responses to “>My Myers-Briggs Profile

  1. >I went out and did the test. I’m an INTJ as well. . . hmmmmm

  2. >I would be a lot of writers are…I don’t know if all of them (like me) think they are always right, though. That may be just my odd quirk. LOL

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