>Rent A Husband underway

>Up at 4 again today. Last night I got RAH outlined and this morning started on the draft. Got a little over 2k written, and the beginning is not total crap for a change. I finally started in the right place for once. Sometime I have to write down the process for getting to this spot…there are a lot of steps just to arrive at a place to begin. I remember when I used to just start writing. Now, it’s plan plan plan. LOL

“They’re going to kill me.” Harrison stared down at his uneaten breakfast. His skin ashen, he shook out his fifth cigarette since they’d sat down at the diner and lit it with trembling hands.

Crete shook his head and sat back in the booth’s plastic seat. His younger brother had been in some serious trouble before, but nothing like this. “We’ll go to the cops. You’re a witness. You testify to the dealing and the killing, and Barrows will be behind bars.”

Harrison sucked the smoke into his lungs and blew it out. He pushed the plate of eggs, bacon and sausage links to the side and looked up. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he hadn’t slept in a week. “That’s what the last guy thought.”


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